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"I have been seeing Lori for several years and she is not just a Reflexologist, she is a true healer.  She has definitely found her calling. 

Lori is amazing at what she does and always gets to the root of the problem.  No matter the issue I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived.  She never disappoints!

I have also been on the receiving end of the Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Anti-Aging Facial Treatment which should be called the most amazing relaxation massage ever!  Not only does Lori work on your face but she also uses the wands to massage your head neck and upper back.  She has worked knots out of my shoulders with her magic wands without any of the pain traditional massages cause.  Amazing stuff! 

Craniosacral Therapy is another service offered by Lori that I have tried. This was an incredible experience as it was so beneficial for my insomnia.  Lori just seems to know how to find what ails you and fixes it!

I am so glad I found you!"

Denise S.

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